Our last 60 hours.

Our holiday went very well. We only had one little blip because I didn't understand that Pete's legs were too long for the art car and I'd wanted to get out and about for quite a while. Our last night and I didn't want to sleep. Plenty of time for sleep when I get home. It was wonderful.

We did an amazing job on everything from start to finish and! did our best job yet of getting out and about every day to see other people's efforts and effects.

Next year, we're going to have a blackboard to let people know where we are when we stray from camp, and we have decided to move up to the next level in our artistic vision....

Just wait and see!

An interesting observation: We killed off two 30 packs of beer. Just the two of us. Plenty of booze left, but no more beer. I went around looking to mooch off of our neighbors, and discovered that they, too were in a similar situation.