Fireflower Centerpiece

Our collaborative piece. The result of which proved to tell the world more about the two of us than we could have ever thought possible. It was a little disconcerting to listen to strangers so accurately describe our nature and relationship.


9 Massive Fantasy Flowers surrounding a flame on a base. The flowers and flame glow with black light at night. The flame infrastructure is recycled from the perimeter flames of the Blacklight District 2000. I have however, spent considerable time sewing a new and significantly improved covering for the flame. This backlights the intricate metalwork surrounding it.The base is constructed and artfully designed by Hippie Pete...

The flowers are up to 2' in diameter each and the total height of the piece is 8' tall. The flowers house a regular light fixture and will each support 60 watt blacklights. They are painted in yellow and red flourescent colors.