Ttok - Our Shade Structure  

When viewed from a distance on a breezy night, this 30' diameter structure attracts like a glowing Arabians Nights mirage. It is draped in hand crafted and dyed material. It's center beam holds our New and Improved! Lamppost. Once inside, the organic breathing of the orange roof panels gives the appearance of being under a living undersea organism. The considerable interior space has an aura of magic within its delicate glowing walls


The shade structure itself is 30' in diameter, with 12, 6'8" side poles. There are 120 handcrafted tassels attached to the ceiling panels and 24 handcrafted tassels attached to the side walls.

The New and Improved! Lamppost is 13' tall with 6, 80 watt blacklight fixtures radiating out from the center.




Hand dyed tassel edging has been sewn along the outside embroidered edging of the ceiling panels. Each sidepole was created with a ring on top and a cross bar for beauty and ease in setup and teardown.