2006 Calendar

Events related to the Black Rock Desert at the Nevada Museum of Art

Film: In Search of Ritual - The Burning Man
Thursday, January 26 / 6 pm
Saturday, January 28 / 2 pm

April 8 - Volunteer Town Meeting 12:00 - 3:00, BMHQ

April 29/30- Leave No Trace Trainer Course – Sacramento

April 29/30- Black Rock Rendezvous - Black Rock NCA

May 20th: Volunteer Day (project TBA)

May 26th-May 29th: Memorial Day, Visitor contact trailer open

**June 10/11 - (Sat and Sun) Earth Guardian LNT Backpacking Trip

June 24th: Volunteer event (Wilderness)

July 1-4: Visitor contact trailer open

**July 16 - BBQ Spark Club, 12 to 5 PM, San Francisco

July 15-16: BLM Leave No Trace Training

August 5th: Volunteer event

August 29th -Burning Man Event Begins - Black Rock City

**September 23: National Public Lands Day