Dana Troy

Dana Troy's vision is of atmosphere provoking interaction. She studied art with academics at Bowling Green State University and then found work as an actress and as a member of SAG and AFTRA. While before the camera and on stage she developed her eye for space, color and perspective. Her craft took her to Japan for 3 years where she learned applied symmetry as she performed, studied artistic direction and methods of working with space (Ma in the Japanese). After more than a decade of working with the creative use of fabric, multidimensional mediums and lighting she turned her focus to the realization of ideas, with style.

Dana has drawn on years of soaking in the bustling neon streets of Osaka and it's “cartoonistic colorful zoo" with characters clad in costumes against a backdrop of color and potential. Wildly popular, her first venture has even inspired a NY rock band to write and produce a song from their experience.

Dana then applied her talent for space and practical applications to the Blacklight District of a desert art festival. She designed and realized (within budget) a massive interactive themed art installation which became a community of 400 artists illuminated by twenty 480-watt black light street lamps. Thousands of people participated and Dana's triumph was featured in a documentary film titled 'Journey to the Flames'. Her installations have been noted in Time Magazine, the Los Angeles Times and LA Weekly.

She is a master at balancing art and resources, space and vision, while creating an atmosphere that is as transcending as it is practical.

She is green minded and embraces all possibilities to re-use and recycle. She is skilled at manipulating lighting and designing a space to meet your needs. Her many clients have included celebrities, productions, private and commercial ventures.