DETRIUS - (from detritus)

A tree emerging from the ruins of failed technologies where hope and fear clash in eternal struggle for dominance in the cycle of life.


lovcat The White World Bridger


lovcat and Hippie Pete


Dana Troy
756 Rosecrans Ave.
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

Hippie Pete The Warrior

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Our tester companion piece for 2006Detrius RenderingPhysical Description and Content:

This artwork is constructed of metal, lights, fabric, paint, and more than just a little magic. To be created in four pre assembled modular segments; each containing integrated structural and electrical components. These segments can be rapidly assembled to form the tree which will be approximately 10’ tall by 8-10’ at it’s widest.

The contrast between the angular jagged metal tree structure and the flowing organic post apocalyptic re-growth is readily obvious in sunlight. At night the UV reactive components in the flowers stand out on the playa and the angular metal structure and vines are lit by a cone of white spotlights emanating from the base of the tree. The angular metal volume is highlighted by white light while the glowing UV flowers provide colorful adornment. The dual frequency lighting allows the full scope of the piece to be appreciated at a distance at night as well as it can be during the day.

The steel frame is a conglomeration sculpture made of flame cut and bent segments that form a bridge-like structure appearing to have been subjected to some doomsday event. All electrical wiring etc., need not be hidden as the base/trunk is of technological ruins. The leaves and the vines are a synthesis of the radioactive rebirth of life surging from the remnants of the pre-doomsday organism providing for the germination of a better life, the mutant flora converting radiation to oxygen through a glowing nighttime ‘photosynthesis’ process, acting as the nemesis of radiation permeating our world.

*The nighttime lighting of Detrius will include visible and UV light because the design of the piece is such that both the UV and the visible light will highlight aspects of the design at night. The white spot lights will be integrated throughout the tree without disturbing the full effect as it's foundation is 'destroyed ruins'. The Tree will be just as dramatic in daylight. It will be a peaceful temporary resting place for disfigured mutants, taking a break from their violent struggle for the last radioactive cans of dog food.

Detrius' structural elements are metal shards merged with vine-like ‘stems’. The ‘stems’ structure (patent pending) is covered by an organic-like green fabric, which weaves in and out of and grafts to the metal shards. The Tree’s leaves will be created with green crushed velvet on either side. The electrical components will be hidden inside the metal frame and ‘stems’. The flowers are up to 2' in diameter each, and every flower bloom (28) will house a regular electrical light fixture at its center that will support a black light compact fluorescent bulb. Output: 60 watts. Draw: 15 watts.

The electrical power required for Detrius will be generated at our adjacent art camp. Detrius is thematically consistent with World Domination Headquarters, the elaborately UV lit 100 % Art Camp which is in itself a companion artistic creation.

World Domination Headquarters 2005Philosophy:

100% ART

Each step leads to the next.

To challenge our mastery, skill and manipulation of the assets provided freely at the Burning Man site; abundant sunlight, wind and dust, while creating a statement that is equally emphatic in visible light as well as the darkness of the playa. To create a statement that is thematic, thought provoking, beautiful, finished, strong, yet light, and easy to set up. Incorporating all these elements to create texture, drama, and atmosphere.

An island of multi-hued light in the desert night attracts an audience like moths to a flame. Black (UV) light is a cost efficient/maximum effect medium. Ultra violet light causes any fluorescent dye or substance that absorbs it to emit visible light of its own characteristic color, thus becoming a light source in the particular color. The visual potency of fluorescent structures radiating with their own light continually inspires me create objects that are worthy of their glow. Light and color may be used in a multitude of effects and combinations to delight the eye and stimulate the mind. The object and adjacent camp area are designed and created to draw participants to and experience the installation; however, not be so inviting as to encourage them to live there. Thus, less MOOP accumulates.

Blacklight Bedouins 2002

Relatedness and Interactivity:

The combination of artistic structure and light creates a visually effective 24 hour interactive social space which inspires spontaneous artistic and delightful experiences.

The metal component of the sculpture represents the twisted random remains of a structured technological society. The floral part shows the organic radioactive germination sprouting from the seeds of a dead society.

Detrius evokes the past, present and future and both hope and fear. Offering a multitude of interpretations, it will make one ponder what was, is and could be. One may muse upon a primitive forest before humans inhabited the earth; our planet as it is now poised between the possibilities of ecological regeneration or collapse; and a future limited only by the courage of one’s imagination. Both beautiful and dangerous it will provide shade during the day. Flower petals painted with fluorescent paint surround compact fluorescent black light fixtures that make them glow at night. Ordinary lighting attached to the base will illuminate the non-fluorescent elements of the tree during the night so both the fluorescent and non-fluorescent elements cohere. The Tree will be strong enough for people to climb, however the metal frame is designed to discourage this and is jagged, imposing and potentially dangerous to anyone who may choose to actually climb it.

Physical Impact: LOVE the Wind

Detrius' dimensions are approximately 10' tall and 10' at it's widest. It is not designed to leave litter, be burned, or use any flame/fire effects. It will be wholly created at World Domination Headquarters Home Base and installed on the playa in 1-3 hours playa time (one day). The tree connects to an extension cord that will run through a 6” deep covered trench that will be dug with a pick across the Esplanade. The tree will receive energy from our camp with two EU2000i Honda Generators (piggy backed) for their quietness, safety and efficiency. The piece is designed for minimal wind resistance. The three feet of the structure will be anchored to the playa using three turnbuckles on the inside of the base. Each turnbuckle will provide tension between a welded metal ring on the structure and a welded metal ring on a 3’ rebar stake. There will not be any guy lines to trip over. This method was used in 2005 to anchor a 13’ tower supporting a 28’ diameter tent. The tower remained solid through the highest winds in 2005. (right ->)

Safety Plan:

The Certified Safety and Medical Expert is lovcat. We have fire extinguishers in both our trailer and truck within easy visibility and reach. We have walkie talkies, a full Medic/1st Aid kit and oxygen tank in our trailer, in case of emergency.

Detruis -The Metal 'Trunk and Limbs"

Construction Timeline:

<- The image here is of the actual work in progress. The metal has been purchased and is almost finished. The wiring will be completed by March 1, 'organic' fabrication (in progress - leaves leaves and more leaves - it's all about the leaves) will be completed by May 1, and the petals/blooms will be completed by June 1. Time left over will concentrate on any troubleshooting and finishing up the new pieces for World Domination Headquarters.

Transportation of Detrius:

Detrius will be weighed and transported to and from the event on top of our truck along with the rest of our camp, World Domination Headquarters.

Arrival/Installation Plans:

Detrius itself will not take more than half a day to install including trenching for the power lines. The associated Camp will take several days to construct and polish. The Intent is to arrive sometime on Thurs. to enable the two persons crew to set up Detrius and World Domination Headquarters in the required time. Last year’s elaborate and spectacular 100% Art Camp was also designed, created, and set up by a crew of two people.

Past History:

Camp Debbie - 1998
Debbie Petting Zoo – Founder 1999-2000
Memorial Weekend Playa Cleaning 2000

Blacklight District – Founder 2000
Blacklight Bedouins – Founder 2001-2003 In the Best Of – Piss Clear 2003.
Mark Sheets Lionfish Art Car – Talked him into using florescent fabric for the fins to provide a stunning nighttime visual effect, then selected, purchased and sent it to him in 2002.
Spookypie’s Wave Art Car – A multitude of work from painting, sewing, handmade tassels, lighting and much, much more.
Close Interaction In Cosmic Tango – Founder 2004
Brane Village - Entrance of 2004.
World Domination Headquarters – Founder 2005 A 100% Art Camp.

Leave The Desert In Better Shape Than When We ArriveClean Up - Leave No Trace: Sunday Teardown

We commit to maintaining a clean site , recognizing that any trash or MOOP (matter out of place) can blow away or be buried at any moment.

As a unit, we will grid our camp (walking shoulder to shoulder in a line to cover every inch of our playa home) and do a sweep of our camp/installation daily, hourly, constantly.

Clean more than just our camp. Take care of any trash left behind by others.

We will not create any artwork on the playa--only setting up.

We will not bring small trinkets, flimsy paper, small feathers (boas) and glass bottles since they typically get left on the playa for others to clean up.

We plan to set up our artwork in a way that is easy to keep clean.

Detrius is a colorful art installation and I'm way to neurotic to allow it to be strewn with litter and debris. We will make an aggressive effort to keep it clean, neat and tidy.

We plan the breakdown/cleanup of our installation in detail, accounting for every board, stake and scrap; by packing in all the necessary tools for cleanup.

We are highly organized and meticulous. Everything we bring up is detailed down to the last stake and everything small enough has it's own hand made color coded and labeled bag. Everything gets weighed. Everything has a home and Nothing gets put into a strange spot--when it comes out of it's bag--it goes back into the same bag.

The camp LNT expert is lovcat. She will ensure that the installation and surrounding area stays clean before, during and after the event. Everyone passing by will also help make our installation fun and spontaneous, yet clean. She will get help with the cleanup from fellow BRC residents if and when it is needed or lovcat’s claws will come out. We plan our purchases and art and to reuse / recycle / reduce. When it's time to take down our installation and sweep for every last trace we will make sure everything left goes with us.

Flower Blooms As Seen At NIghtWe will bring the following items for our Camp's Clean-up Day (Sunday)
· Shovel
· Whiskbroom and Dustpan
· 5-gallon bucket for whatever it is needed for. It always comes in handy.
· Separate containers for recyclables, burnable's, and non-burnable's.
· Rope, string and pipe cleaners for helping others less prepared for tying loose stuff down.
· Small spare bags for collecting trash as we wander.
· A box of industrial strength trash bags is stored in our trailer kitchen.
· Cheap work gloves for everybody.
· Sledge hammers for compacting in 5-gallon buckets and driving stakes.
· Film canisters and old candy tins for small MOOP found on our adventures.
· Vise grips for removing stakes and rebar. Magnets for picking up small pieces of metal
· Directions to and hours of landfills.

To minimize our impact on the Playa, we will follow these rules:

We pledge to Leave No Trace in and around our campsite, including our own and other's waste. We plan to put time aside for the cleanup, and plan the assembly and takedown of our structures and decorations to simplify their removal. We will keep our recyclables, burnable's, and non-burnable's separated for easier disposal, recycle our aluminum, and bring minimal glass to only be used in our trailer kitchen.

We clean as we go, realizing that any trash or MOOP (matter out of place) can blow away or be buried at any moment. We assign volunteers to check around camp daily for loose MOOP. We will take care of any trash left by our guests, invited or otherwise.

We won't light fires. We will not burn any part of our camp. We will take away one large trash bag of playa ashes and/or public MOOP.

We won't dig holes more than 6 inches in diameter or trenches, scarring the Playa, only enough to cover our electrical cords for safety.

We will keep all items tied or weighted down, and leave papers except for Emergency/Contact Information at home.

We will leave extra space in our vehicle on the way to the desert. However our repacking will not inevitably take up more space. We're that together and extraordinary. Yep. We’re a wonder to behold. The extra space is for our (very little) and other people's (massive quantities) trash. We will take all trash in sealed containers to a landfill on the way home.

After cleaning our camp, we will devote at least two hours to the general city cleanup (e.g. Trash Fence, Pottie Camp, Café, etc). It can be fun, by turning it into a treasure hunt/artifact find.

We will pack out everything and we won't put any trash into Pottie Camp or leave any trash near Pottie Camp. Pottie Camp is not a public trash dump. We are responsible and take our 'shtiuf’ with us.

FERNLEY SANITATION will be OPEN through the Labor Day weekend. The office phone is 775-575-4964. The office (but not the dump) is closed on weekends. The rate is $4.25 per cubic yard (27 cubic feet). To reach Fernley Sanitation from Eastbound I-80 take the Fernley exit (immediately after Wadsworth). Turn right onto Main Street. Pass the Pilot Gas Station on your right. Stay on Main Street to the light. At the light, make a right onto Alternate US Highway 95a. Go about 2 miles and on the left hand you will see the Public Wreckage Disposal building. Stop at the scale house on your way in.

LOCKWOOD LANDFILL will be open for business on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. They operate 8-4:30 weekends, and 7-4:30 on weekdays (even including the Labor Day Holiday!) Head West on I-80; get off at the Lockwood exit. Go straight and continue past the cattle guard for approximately a mile & a half. The entrance is on the left hand side.

Reno Transfer Station (run by Reno Disposal also, 775-329-8822) will be OPEN through the entire Labor Day weekend. Hours are 6 a.m.-6 p.m. weekdays and 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. holidays and weekends. They confirm they will operate on Labor Day. The location in Reno is 1390 Commercial Row. Charge is $3.65 per cubic yard. From I-80 westbound, exit at Wells Avenue. Make a left turn left onto 6th street and a right onto Sutro Street. Make a left onto Commercial Row and look for 1390 on your left.