Theme - The Psyche

A 100% Art Camp

Designed, Created, Executed, Broken Down, Cleaned, and Stored by

2 people.

9:00 Esplanade

In a 50' x 50' lot, our truck and trailer took up 10' x 50' with the truck on the outside of the lot in front of the street. On the opposite side and centered was our Ttok Art Installation Shade Structure' 30' diameter with guy lines. Two borders of Ttok lined with decorative flags. Our centerpiece artwork: a creation called the Fireflower which was our collaborative piece utilizing fabric, metal, paint and fixtures. Our decorative truck with a platform named the Tower of Babble is 13' high for ease in viewing the festival, with black light fixtures and a table for cocktails. Our trailer wascovered in flame fabric with yellow accents and the appropriate holes cut out. Our borders well identifiable. Powering our camp: 2 EU2000i Honda Generators (piggy backed) for their quietness and efficiency.


Year One. We worked very well together in the Blacklight Bedouins, and even better as a couple last year. Smooth, in sync, relaxed comfortable and appreciated.

The camp started formulating last year while we watched the Burn from our camp, Close Interaction in Cosmic Tango in the Brane Village.

We stood on top of the truck but still there were people higher up in front of us. Pete stated at that time that he would build a platform for ease in viewing next year...

I thought he was joking.

Hippie Pete

Tower of Babble

The Tower of Babble took on a life of it's own. I was so happy to see Pete work on it until it was finished. It began one way and finished as an amazing work of art.

Back in LA I promptly started creating my second trailer cover. This one, though would have openings for all the windows, doors, and vents. The trailer would look good in operation. When our new camp began to materialize, Pete decided It was too good for storage and wanted it at the festival.

Fireflower Centerpiece

The Fireflower vision popped into my head on our way to Arrowhead. I just couln't get it out of my mind and finally told Pete. The result was spectacular.

- Ttok -

New and Improved!

Twilight Of The Gods

Our Neighbors. Their first year theme camp.
Well Done!

Find Daisy at Eat Art.com
Daisy Art Cart

Find Daisy At Eat Art
(Energy Awareness Through Art)

Our first 60 hours.

We left Manhattan Beach at noon on Friday, and arrived at Black Rock City 15 hours later.

During our Holiday.

How great to see your plans fall in place without trouble. To do it so well!

Our last 60 hours.

Too much fun. What a wonderful Holiday.